The Existence of Strange Things

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Meet our Hosts

Sean Forker is a Fortean Investigator, with a specialized focus in Bigfoot/ Sasquatch Research. He is a Founder and Social Media Director of the Keystone Bigfoot Project, a research group that collects data across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters (Historical and New). 

Forker also investigates paranormal activity and events. Since 2007, he has been the Founder/ Principal of Anomalis Investigations, a Paranormal Investigation Firm. Recently,  Sean has joined the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Team, and the specialized Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations Team.

Affectionately known as "The Forkchop," his on air personality, Sean is a radio show host and producer. With his mentor Eric Altman, Sean founded Beyond the Edge Radio in October 2007. Forker has hosted many shows, currently serving as Executive Producer and Host for "Arcane Radio."  Aside from producing and hosting, Sean has also been the guest on many talk radio programs, including "The X-Zone with Rob McConnell." Sean is also the Paranormal News Man on "The Existence of Strange Things" Radio Show, on

Forker became involved in the paranormal at an early age, heavily influenced by his father and grandfather, with such shows as "Unsolved Mysteries," "In Search of..." and "Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World" always on in the household. At the age of 9, he began reading heavily into the Bigfoot Phenomena and at 17 entered into field work. For over twenty years, Forker has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and personally investigated many cases of the unexplained.

Sean "ForkChop" Forker can be found on Facebook, his Bigfoot project Facebook pagehis Bigfoot websiteForkChop website and Twitter.
Butch Witkowski, FFSc
Director, Founder
UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania (UFORCOP)
Editor JAAR Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research
Member Institute of Frontier Science
Member Académie d'Ufologie
ParaNexus™ Consultant/Advisor - Ufology
Associate - P&M Fortean Research

Strange and Beyond News Personal 

Vance Nesbitt was born the last of the Baby Boomer Generation.Through the years of life experiences he has always found the Paranormal subject matter compelling. It wasn't until his late twenties that the subject became reality with personal experiences of the unexplained. Since then he has worked in aviation and has taken flight in rare aircraft of previous wars. In this era of his life he dedicates time to his love of artwork through painting and visual stimuli. Vance is currently honing the skills of communication with the audience world wide in the subject of all things paranormal.